TriSport Experience
Co-ed teams of five in two divisions play soccer, flag football and volleyball. Winning teams take home prizes and participants receive premium swag bag with a Dri-FIT jersey.
Athletes and attendees are guaranteed to experience an epic day of sports, high energy, craft beer garden, backyard games, raffles, food trucks, vendor booths, and family-friendly entertainment. Adulting done right. #AREYOUGAME
Social Community

Connect with other captains, players, or individuals on When you register, you can begin creating your own network of athletes and hold each other accountable, set goals, reach out to people you meet at events, etc. This is your platform, we just ask that you play nice.

Connect with others to meet and play. Whether it’s for a recreational league, for fun, or whatever the mood calls for. Beer pong and corn hole? No judgment, you do you.

If you’re falling short on teammates, we provide you the necessary tools to fill your squad. If you are looking to join a team, it’s simple! Create a free profile, sign up, or be a part of the TruAthlete community and request to join a team looking for players.

+ Ranking system for teams and events in multiple cities, see where you rank

+ Ranking players abilities in multiple sport categories. Your LinkedIn for athletes.

+ Forum posting with geo targeting based on your saved location, venue, or sporting/ event preferences

Player FAQ

Teams consist of five total players and must have a minimum of 2 women on the field at all times. You may have up to 8 players with subs.


High school varsity+ athlete, competitive, athletic.


Fun, semi to non competitive, social aspect, meet celebs, burn off some calories

Prizes have included, but are not limited to…





Teams are guaranteed to play at least five 15-20 minute games. After those games, teams go into single elimination tournament, and will play any of the three sports chosen at random until defeated. If and when a team is defeated, the team will be put into a consolation bracket (double elimination – losers bracket).

Nearly 30% of players register as individuals without a team, so you are not alone and team captains appreciate you. The incredible staff at TruAthlete will make sure you are connected with a team in your chosen division.

Teams compete in all three sports. It’s up to the team captain or group to play each person based on their competitive strengths. There are subs, teams are 5-8 total players.

Registering as a Team Captain allows you to invite your friends and build your own team roster. If you need additional help filling your team, then search and invite available free agents.

Spectator FAQ

Yes you can! We suggest playing in division 2, but you can always come to knock the ball around, hang in the beer garden, play volleypong, cornhole, win prizes, meet celebrity athletes, and much more! View our spectator gallery here.

We will have kids activities throughout the day and we will also be providing child care whilst you play. Dogs are welcome.

There will be more than enough activities throughout the day to keep you busy. Hang out in the beer garden, play cornhole or volleypong, cheer on competing friends or family, indulge in delicious food and drink, play on a practice court, meet celebs, and much more.

Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for spectators and athletes alike, so we invite you to indulge in craft brews, non alcoholic beverages, food trucks, finger food, and plenty of free stuff!

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